Sebastian Unland

Game Programmer


I am Sebastian a creative programmer who likes to learn new things everyday.

As a team oriented programmer I strive to write readable and consistent code.

One of the things I enjoy the most is to make gameplay mechanics and solve problems around them. Some of my old teammates also called me the bug hunter because of the amount of bugs I solved during the end of a project.




Team size: 9 people

Tools: Unreal Engine, Blueprints, C++ and gitHub

Time: 4 Weeks

Hrafninn is a puzzle game based on the Nordic mythology. You play as Munin one of Odin's crows where your goal is to guide the souls home by taking them to a lantern.

My role during this project was broad, I recorded voice lines and kept track of our git while still programming our main systems. 

One system I designed and programmed was a realm switching system where certain objects only were visible and interactable in a specific realm.

Hammer Hermit

Team size: 6 people

Tools: Unity Engine, C# and perforce

Time: 2 weeks

Hammer Hermit is a mashup between Ice Climbers and Tetris. 

We wanted something unique and still have that retro and nostalgic feeling.

My role was general gameplay programming and some AI programming. During the programming of the Thwomp I had an issue with placing it on the tetromino grid, since it wasn't connected to the grid. I solved that by predicting the path on the grid the thwomp would intercept and added them to a list.

During this project I found out that I really like to solve bugs which has helped me a lot with future projects.


And Then Jack Woke Up

Tools: Unity Engine, C# and perforce

Team size: 10 people

Time: 7 weeks

And Then Jack woke up is a narrative game where you play through a deteriorating world. Your goal is to exit the world somehow, but that is up to you to decide how you will do it.

My goal for this project was to focus more on building systems that are expandable and easy to iterate on. I've worked on both UI-, Gameplay and Tools for this project. I made a waypoint tool to use for cutscenes, but unfortunately we had to remove the cutscenes all together.